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5 days ago

Patoro Sending Platino Corona to the US – halfwheel –


Next month, Platino will begin offering American retailers a corona version in its black-banded Platino line.

The Patoro Platino Vintage Limitada Corona is a 5 11/12 x 40 corona that is made entirely of aged Dominican tobaccos. The company says that most of the blend is made of pilots cubano tobaccos, though there’s also Dominican corojo and San Vicente tobaccos used.


It has an MSRP of $16.36 or $409 per box of 25.

This will mean there will be four Patoro Platino lines offered in the U.S.:

  • Patoro Platino Robusto (5 x 50) — $17 (Box of 25, $425)
  • Patoro Platino Toro (6 x 48) — $18 (Box of 25, $450)
  • Patoro Platino Perfecto (6 3/10 x 50) – $20.36 (Box of 25, $509)
  • Patoro Platino Corona (5 11/12 x 40) — $16.36 (Box of 25, $409)

As is the case with many new Patoro cigars for the U.S., the Platino Corona was first sold in Switzerland over a decade ago. Patoro says it will begin shipping the Platino Corona to U.S. stores on March 1.

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