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The killers and paedophiles free on parole in our suburbs – Queensland Times

These violent, sick murderers and child sex monsters are out on our streets after being paroled in the past two years.

One took part in a gruesome killing where their victim’s head was severed with a tomahawk and used as a bowling ball and a puppet.

Another was caught on hospital CCTV smothering her baby in its cot, and one is a notorious former bikie involved in a shopping centre shootout.

We look at six of our most notorious killers and paedophiles released onto southeast Queensland streets in recent years.

The Queensland Parole Board insists community safety is their “highest priority”.

It considered a massive 6511 parole matters last financial year and released 2658 prisoners on parole.

In 2013, Queensland’s non-parole period was increased from 15 years to 20 years, and “no body, no parole” laws have also been introduced.

But the release of many of these seven has angered their victims and the families of those they harmed.





Bojan Vulic at his new home in North Lakes. Picture: AAP

Bojan Vulic at his new home in North Lakes. Picture: AAP


Reports to North Lakes police

A “premeditative murderer” who stabbed his 17-year-old girlfriend 45 times, Vulic walked out of jail a free man in March, 2019, despite the victim’s family fears he would kill again.

Graduate teacher Bojan Vulic was 24 and had just joined John Paul College when he lured his ex-girlfriend – student Vlatka Mrmos, 17 – into a car and murdered her on January 16, 2004 because she no longer wanted to be with him.

Mrmos’ family made a submission to the Parole Board warning Vulic “would kill again”.

At the time of her death she was scared of Vulic and told her family he was controlling, only allowing her to leave her home when he said and even dictating when she shaved her legs.

During his trial, the jury heard from witnesses who saw Vulic stabbing his victim multiple times after their car crashed before he sped off the wrong way up an off-ramp.


Notorious paedophile Douglas Jackway.

Notorious paedophile Douglas Jackway.


Reports in Wacol

Queensland’s most notorious paedophile, Jackway was released in December last year.

A court heard Jackway bundled a young boy into his car and drove him to a mangrove swamp where he raped him.

He had been knocked back for parole at least six times before finally being released.

A predator in jail who “picked on the weak people”, he is on a supervision order at a Wacol precinct, next to Wolston jail, where other high-profile paedophiles live.

He can leave whenever he wants but is under a 24-hour curfew, wears a GPS tracker and is banned from alcohol or drugs. He can be drug and alcohol tested at any time.

“I’ve dealt with thousands of paedophiles over the years and he would be in the top few of the worst, no doubt,” a prison officer recently told The Courier-Mail.

Jackway has also been jailed for raping a young girl and for abducting a boy riding a bike and sexually assaulting him.



He was a one-time suspect in the disappearance of Daniel Morcombe.

A petition objecting to Jackway’s release to the Wacol precinct now has about 25,000 signatures.


Candaneace Metius with (then) three-month-old son Bray. Picture: GiulioSaggin

Candaneace Metius with (then) three-month-old son Bray. Picture: GiulioSaggin


An evil mother who smothered her baby in his hospital cot while being secretly recorded by a hidden camera, Metius was released last year.

A friend of Douglas Jackway, she exchanged sexually explicit letters with him while in jail.

Metius’ son Bray was eight months old when she killed him in 2004 by turning off his hospital monitors, repeatedly holding one hand to the back of his neck and another over his mouth and nose.

When he finally stopped breathing, she called for help, alerting several nurses who came running.

They resuscitated the little boy and eventually left the room.

Metius waited before turning the monitor off again and laying on top of Bray, smothering him until he was dead.

Bray had been admitted to the Mater Children’s Hospital following a series of mysterious “hypoxic episodes” – a lack of oxygen to the brain.

One episode was so bad it had left the baby with a severe brain injury.

But authorities became suspicious of Metius and cameras were put in Bray’s hospital room. Footage of Metius laying on top of her baby was played to the jury in her murder trial, leaving some so traumatised they needed counselling.


Christopher Clark Jones, being deported back to the UK, for the brutal murder of a homeless teenager - Photo Supplied Boarder Force

Christopher Clark Jones, being deported back to the UK, for the brutal murder of a homeless teenager – Photo Supplied Boarder Force


This despicable sadist and his mates committed one of the most gruesome crimes in Queensland history, severing their victim’s head with a tomahawk and then using it as a puppet and a bowling ball.

Despite that Jones was released on parole on June last year and deported to London, England where he lives a normal life shopping, eating out and going to the cinema.

He served 15 years of a life sentence for the murder of homeless 17-year-old Morgan Jay Shepherd in 2005.

Then Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton, who ordered his deportation, said it was one of the most “abhorrent crimes” he had ever seen.

“There is no place in the Australian community for foreign nationals who murder Australians,” he said.

Shepherd’s decapitated body was found in a shallow grave at Dayboro days after he was killed.

The judge presiding over Jones’ trial called it the worst case she had ever heard, with the victim stabbed 133 times before his head was cut off by either an axe, saw or knife.

Police found a carving knife and tomahawk in the Sandgate house where Shepherd was killed during a drinking session.

Shepherd’s family has also pleaded with the Queensland Parole Board not to release his other murderer, James Roughan, after learning he had also applied for parole.

“James Roughan murdered my teenage brother with unimaginable brutality in a shockingly disturbing attack,”sister Shannon said.

“He then boasted and laughed about the sadistic details to friends in the days that followed.”


Damon Calanca was convicted of murder in 1994.

Damon Calanca was convicted of murder in 1994.


Another “highly narcissistic” killer, Calanca was released in February last year after being convicted of poisoning, suffocating and burying a teenager in a shallow grave.

He made five previous attempts to get parole.

A court heard he stabbed one man in the back in a jealous rage and murdered Gabe Meyer, 17, in 1993 to take revenge on the youth’s sister.

Meyer’s mother Sherrie, who later set up the Queensland Homicide Victims’ Support Group, said she was “extremely disappointed” at the freeing of her son’s killer.

“We really struggled when it (his release) was happening,” Mrs Meyer said.

“When we were told, we were really shaken up about it.

“We hope that he is watched very carefully.”

Originally published as The killers and paedophiles free on parole in our suburbs

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