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2 months ago

Judge jails convicted paedophile who lived in Worcester for six months without telling police – Worcester News

A CONVICTED paedophile, who moved to Worcester and lived in the city for six months without telling the police, was jailed by a judge who said the public would demand the punishment.

Daniel Chant, who was put on the Sex Offenders Register after being convicted of five offences of sexual activity with a child, pleaded guilty on Friday at Worcester Crown Court to failing to comply with the notification requirements, in that he didn’t inform police of a change of address.

Jason Aris, prosecuting, explained Chant received a jail sentence of 42 months at Southampton Crown Court in 2007 for the offences, and the convictions led to him being placed on the register for life.

Mr Aris said: “On June 17, 2020, DC Holloway carried out a visit to the registered address of the defendant.

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“The occupant indicated the defendant had moved out on January 24, 2020, six months previous.”

Mr Aris said after police checks they discovered Chant had moved to a new address in Richmond Road, Worcester, with police finally able to update their records.

Mr Aris said an aggravating feature was that Chant’s latest offence was his fourth failure to comply with the requirements, highlighting offences on July 28, 2016, and November 6, 2017 when Chant had both times failed to tell police of a change of his address.

“There has been a deliberate failure to comply,” the prosecutor added.

Nicole Steers, defending Chant, explained that a year ago he and his family including six children had been living in Southampton but after a dispute with their landlord they were forcefully evicted.

“They had to make arrangements at very short notice to move elsewhere,” Miss Steers said.

“They managed to find somewhere in Worcester, where his family’s partner lived and with everything going on he struggled with anxiety.

“He had forgotten, and then time dragged on.”

Miss Steers explained a custodial sentence would heavily impact the family as his partner was supporting them financially after Chant lost his job during lockdown.

“His responsibility is to look after the children during the current climate, while she works,” Miss Steers said.

A letter from Chant’s partner was then given to the judge to read, which Judge James Burbridge described as a “cry from the heart”.

“He moved he didn’t tell officers, he apologies and says it wasn’t a deliberate act,” Miss Steers added.

Sentencing Chant to 36 weeks in prison the judge said: “There is understandable public disquiet about the movements and residence of people who have committed offences on children.

“You have taken a cavalier approach to the orders of the court.

“You are 40-year-old man with considerable responsibilities.

“It (the jail sentence) is going to cause significant family problems.

“The public would demand I lock you up.”

Chant showed no emotion as he was taken down.

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