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2 weeks ago

Webster Township makes changes after being hacked –

Webster Township has made some changes since having its server hacked last month.

In an April 7 message to the community, Webster Township Supervisor John Kingsley said, on “March 19, 2021, Webster Township received a ransomware attack.”

“The hackers were able to access our Microsoft Exchange server,” Kingsley said. “We immediately removed the server from our system. The server is replaced and we have many changes in place:
1) a new website
2) all new email via Microsoft 365
3) all new anti-virus and anti-ransomware software”

Ransomware is often defined as malicious software that was unknowingly downloaded onto a computer by clicking on infected websites, pop-up advertisements, or email links/attachments. Once the malware is on a computer, hackers typically work to take control and encrypt its files. Many times, the hacker demands a ransom from the victim to restore access to the data upon payment.

Kingsley said Webster Township has used off-site backup of their server for many years; “therefore, the new server was programmed back to the March 18 with all data intact.”

“We were in the process of updating our website at the time of the hack so that we were able to go live with the new site after about a week without a website,” Kingsley said. “Our e-mail system was hosted on-site and is now hosted off-site with new addresses: i.e.[email protected]. Our personnel information was always encrypted through BS&A software and not accessed.”

To see the new website, go to

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