LastPass, our top choice among the best password managers, is offering big discounts on all new subscriptions.

Through Cyber Monday (Nov. 29), LastPass is taking 25% off its Premium, Families and Enterprise plans for new customers. You’ll pay $27 for the first year of a Premium subscription, $36 for the first year of a Families subscription and $54 for the first year of an Enterprise subscription, saving $9, $12 and $18, respectively.

LastPass‘ free tier now limits you to just mobile devices or just computers, but not both. Yet the premium plan is still inexpensive, and gives you unlimited device syncing plus dark-web monitoring, online file storage and support for physical 2FA security keys.

Thanks to its browser-based interface, LastPass works with every major platform: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux and Chrome OS. It supports biometric face and fingerprint readers on most of these platforms as well, and will generate strong, unique passwords for you right in the browser extension. It even monitors the “dark web” for unauthorized use of your personal data.

Despite the free tier no longer being what it once was, LastPass is still our favorite password manager. At $27 for the first year, this is a deal too good to pass up.

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