A traffic sign meant to warn drivers of road construction north of Dallas instead spread a message popular with right-leaning zealots, drawing attention of social media users.

The sign, along Texas 82 between Whitesboro and Gainesville in northern Texas, was changed to say “Let’s Go Brandon,” over the weekend. Images of the flashing sign were posted on Facebook and Twitter.

The actions were not those of workers with the Texas Department of Transportation, officials said, though the agency was taking flack online.

“This was taken care of last Sunday morning,” TxDOT spokeswoman Veronica Beyer said in an an email Wednesday. “It was a contractor’s sign that was hacked.”

Officials did not elaborate on the specifics of how long the message sign was affected.

The phrase, a stand-in for vulgar opposition to President Joe Biden, has popped up in numerous social settings and led to complaints from airline passengers, among others, by people using it in an official or business capacity, including Gov. Greg Abbott.

It’s not the first time an offensive political message has made its way onto a road sign. In 2016, someone changed a Dallas area sign to say Donald Trump was a “shape-shifting lizard.”

Typically the mobile signs are used to alert drivers of construction or changes to the roadway. Traffic signs in the Houston region, typically permanent along major freeways, are also used to deliver public service messages about roadway safety, in addition to traffic information. The signs in Houston are maintained by Houston TranStar.

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