A welfare ministry panel recommended banning nursery school teachers who are imprisoned for sexually abusing children from returning to that line of work for up to 10 years.

At its meeting on Nov. 24, the expert panel on nursery schools and teachers proposed revisions to the Child Welfare Law to tighten restrictions on teachers with a history of committing obscene acts against children.

The ministry plans to compile the proposals and submit them to the ordinary Diet session next year.

Nursery school teachers sentenced to prison terms for sex crimes against children are currently barred for two years from registering with prefectural governments to work at nursery schools.

The ministry is considering effectively extending the period to 10 years based on the panel’s proposals.

It also plans to ban those fined for crimes against children from re-registering for three years.

Nursery school teachers who commit obscene acts against children could also be deregistered even if they are not criminally convicted, according to the ministry.

The ministry will also consider requiring nursery school teachers who were deregistered for obscene acts to be screened at prefectural government committees if they wish to be registered again.

The central government plans to create a database of such sex offenders that nursery schools can check if they want to avoid hiring pedophiles.

The government hopes these measures will help prevent repeat offences of sexual abuses of children.

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