Currently, it is no longer a secret that it is a big mistake to view bitcoin as an absolutely anonymous currency. It is erroneous because traces of previous operations (indicating the recipient and the destination of the coin transfer) are not deleted, and, accordingly, it will not be too difficult for interested parties to find the owner of transferred coins.

The Operation Principle And Purpose Of Using Bitcoin Mixers

Such services are also called “laundries”, “washing”, “blenders”, etc. They implement special processes designed to break the direct link connecting the address of the sender of the cryptocurrency and the address of its recipient.

The concept of operation of bitcoin mixers: the application accepts coins from many users, and, using various algorithms, mixes them thoroughly. At the end of the mixing process, each of the participants gets the number of coins equal to the deposited sum,  minus the service fee, sent to the named wallets. Each service calculates the size of the commission fee in its own way. As a rule, the amount depends on the number of mixings that bitcoins are subjected to, as well as on the amount of coins. If the ‘tumbler’ coped with the assigned task well, then it becomes impossible to restore the links between the coins and their owners.

Such services are used by many people all over the world, and very few of them are pursuing illegal goals. Most people seek to hide their traces and thus protect themselves and their cryptocurrencies.

TOP 10 Bitcoin Mixers Popular in 2021

  1. Helix Light

The Helix platform is one of the most sought after, reliable and user-friendly bitcoin mixing services right now. The platform does not ask for any registration data from the client, except for the address to which the funds will be returned. At the end of the operations, all actions performed by the user are deleted.

The undoubted advantages of include:

  • Instantly executed operations;
  • Availability of a significant reserve fund of previously cleaned coins;
  • Users can manually set transaction delays up to 24 times a day, which is not possible with any other service;
  • the absence of a universal commission fee established by the mixer; the participants themselves, at their own discretion, determine its size;
  • the mixer is equipped with an additional function “Mixing Code”, which provides its regular customers with a guarantee of complete anonymity;
  • the ability to include eight addresses for withdrawal of funds;
  • support of SegWit and betch32 addresses;
  • availability of two URLs for use in Tor and Darknet.
  1. Mixer Money

The idea of operation of this platform can be explained like this: the user transfers a certain amount of coins to the Mixer Money account. In its turn, the service splits your currency into smaller parts, mixes it with small amounts of coins contributed by other clients or borrowed on crypto exchanges, and then returns money back to the specified wallet in small installments of already cleaned coins. The described algorithm increases the confidentiality of the cryptocurrency. The duration of the mixing procedure is 6 hours.

A feature of the platform is that users do not need to enter any personal information or undergo a registration. After forty-eight hours, all data on the taken actions are automatically deleted.

Another distinctive feature of Mixer Money is the possibility to choose from two different modes for mixing bitcoins.

  1. Bitcoin Laundry

The work of the service is aimed at breaking any connection between user’s addresses and making it impossible to track the user’s identity and traces of operations performed.

The absolute advantage of the resource is the complete absence of a service fee. A fee is charged exclusively for transactions of withdrawal to the specified address. The range of supported transactions sums is very wide, from 0.0005 to incredible 38 BTC.

Clients are offered the opportunity to provide from one to five addresses for funds withdrawal, and for each address, you can determine the exact percentage from the total amount to be returned to it.

To make it as hard as possible to track transactions, the service has the option of setting payment delays for each of the withdrawal addresses, both automatically and using manual settings.

Bitcoin Laundry strictly adheres to a “no log” policy: after a seven-day period, it deletes all log data. In addition, the client can erase all logs manually with a single button click.

  1. SmartMixer

A simple and user-friendly service allows you to hide the history of cryptocurrency transactions securely. The mixing process takes a few minutes. All that is required from the client is to choose one of the three supported types of cryptocurrencies, specify the withdrawal address, set the operation delay if desired (maximum – 72 hours), and transfer the desired number of coins to the service address.

SmartMixer provides three mixing options: using funds of other participants, using coin reserves of the site, and using the funds of investors.

There is no need to register on the platform, and a small fee for coins laundering is deducted from the mining commission, which makes the use of the platform even more convenient.

A distinctive feature of this blender is an extremely attractive referral program that surpasses programs of other platforms in terms of the offered bonuses. During the very first transaction, the client receives a special smart code. While using it, a client can gain a solid discount on commission fees (the discount amount can reach 70%).

Each of the performed transactions is confirmed by a letter of guarantee sent to the user, and all data on transactions will be deleted in a day, which guarantees complete confidentiality to the user.


This tumbling service mixes clients’ coins with those purchased on cryptocurrency exchanges. examines the history of coins and scores them according to their ‘cleanliness’ using the most modern technologies and algorithms, and then sends only clean coins to the addresses specified by clients randomly, dividing coins into parts. The mixing process takes six hours. When the transaction is successfully completed, the user will receive a letter of guarantee confirming it, and all data on the transaction will be erased in 24 hours, which guarantees the confidentiality of operations.

The service does not request any information for registration from its clients and does not save logs. The commission fee includes 5% of the transaction amount and a fixed amount network fee (0.00015 BTC). Customers have round-the-clock access to the technical support of the service.

  1. CryptoMixer

This mixer is one of the few that have truly large transaction volumes. The minimum amount allowed for mixing is 0.001 BTC, anything less is treated as a donation and is thus non-refundable. There are no restrictions on the maximum amount of the transaction.

The minimum commission fee is 0.5%, and an additional fee is charged for each transaction carried out.

At the end of the operation, a letter of guarantee is delivered to the client’s email.

  1. PrivCoin

The key difference between this platform and the rest of them is that it combines both the functions of a mixer and a swapper, which allows not only coins cleaning but also changing the type of cryptocurrency for withdrawal. It further enhances anonymity.

The size of the commission can be set by the user voluntarily, and the higher it is, the higher the level of confidentiality. The option to delay the transaction for a day is also available.

Due to the fact that PrivCoin has large coin reserves, the mixing process is carried out immediately after receiving confirmation of the deposit of the user’s coins, provided that a payment delay was not set manually.

An amount less than 0.01 BTC is non-refundable and is considered to be a donation.

The log with the entire history of transactions is deleted in 24 hours.

  1. Bitcoin Fog

A reliable and easy-to-use coin tumbler provides the client with the ability to use five addresses for withdrawing funds. The transaction history is automatically deleted within seven days.

If after the completion of the operation two hours or more have passed, and the client’s balance has not been debited with clean coins, the user has the opportunity to contact technical support and get all necessary and timely help.

  1. Grams Helix

This platform is most often used by the “hidden network” and is considered to be one of the most commonly used bitcoin mixers. The service uses innovative technology: the client can not only have the coins cleaned but also receive bitcoins that were not previously used in the darknet. Mixing of coins takes approximately four hours. To become a user of the basic site version, you must register and pay an entrance fee (0.01 BTC). There are two additional versions of this service that do not require registration.

The platform adheres to the “no log” policy: all logs disappear automatically in seven days, or, at the user’s request, immediately after the coins are sent to the provided address.

  1. BTC Blender

The service offers a very simple and convenient process of cryptocurrency cleaning.

The platform offers one confirmation of the operation, after which the clean coins go to the specified wallets. Users are given the opportunity to indicate the desired delay of their transactions. In addition, immediately after confirming the operation, customers receive a unique link. If they follow this link, they can independently erase their own journals immediately.

With a minimum commission fee of 0.5%, the BTC Blender service is one of the best solutions for clients who need to clean large volumes of coins.

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