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6 months ago

Man Connected to Dallas Crime Spree Arrested in Celina – Spectrum News

DALLAS, Texas — The Celina Police Department announced 31-year-old Red Oak resident Jeremy Harris has been arrested in connection to the killing of 60-year-old Blair Carter of Celina, as well as three other shooting deaths in Dallas. 

According to police, Celina Fire Department crews arrived at the scene of a fire Wednesday, where they later found Carter’s body. Witnesses told authorities they heard what sounded like gunfire and saw a man running away from the structure on fire, carrying an unknown object that appeared to be a firearm.   

Multiple law enforcement agencies arrived to assist with the investigation, and they received a lead matching with Harris as well as a black Chevrolet Tahoe, which is linked to the murders of at least three Dallas residents in recent weeks; 36-year-old Adam Gautreau who was shot on the corner of N. Stemmons Service Rd and Empire Central, 57-year-old Kenneth Jerome Hamilton shot inside his vehicle at the stop light on Beckley and Clarendon, and 19-year-old Robert Jaden Urrea a Southern Methodist student who was slain in downtown Dallas when he was out on Halloween. 

“My office has been working closely with numerous area law enforcement agencies since Wednesday’s murder in Celina and the subsequent arrest of Jeremy Rashad Harris for that crime,” Collin County Criminal District Attorney Greg Willis said. “Harris is currently in the Collin County Jail on bonds totaling $3 million. We will continue to coordinate with all the involved agencies and jurisdictions to protect the public and see that justice is done. To respect the integrity of ongoing investigations, I will have no further comment at this time. “

The Gautreau and Hamilton shootings occurred within 30 minutes of each other on Saturday November 14. The wave of violence in the Dallas area prompted Gov. Greg Abbott to deploy the Texas State Troopers to assist the city with the crime investigations.

“We could end up with a murder total that we haven’t seen in this city since 2004,” said Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson. 

Kenneth Hamilton’s family said Thursday he was simply heading home from running an errand the night he was shot. They wanted justice for Kenneth Hamilton and hoped authorities caught and charged whoever was responsible for his death.

“Whoever did it, they didn’t know my brother,” said Garlin Hamilton, the victim’s younger brother. 

After learning about Harris’ arrest on Friday, Garlin Hamilton said the family is still left with a huge void and even though Harris is in custody, nothing can bring his brother back. He describes his brother as someone with a kind heart who was always willing to do anything to help a neighbor or even a stranger. Kennth Hamilton was also his caregiver after he suffered a stroke.

“He helped me you know with everything, with my grandson, you know he would just help me put my clothes on, take me where I needed to go, and it’s just hard because he will be truly missed,” Garlin Hamilton said. 

Garlin Hamilton says his grandson is now helping him as much as he can, but it pains him that at just 8 years old, he is beginning to understand the impact of violence. 

“With him gone it’s a whole big piece taken away from our family,” Garlin Hamilton added. 

Kenneth Hamilton’s mother also relied on him on a daily basis and his younger brother is concerned about her wellbeing after this loss. For the Hamilton’s this loss is not only emotionally painful, but they also have to worry about covering the costs of funeral expenses which they are financially unprepared for. The family has set-up a Gofundme* account.

Harris is currently in the Ellis County jail under a $3 million bond. 

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