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1 week ago

In a bid to oppose UP’s anti-forced religious conversion law, ‘Liberals’ end up endorsing paedophilia – OpIndia

On Tuesday, the ‘liberal-secular’ self-proclaimed journalists and ‘activists’ attempted to not only mislead the public by peddling false propaganda on a recent incident that had allegedly occurred in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh but also endorsed paedophilia in their bid to oppose Uttar Pradesh government’s recent law to stop forced conversion.

Self-proclaimed liberals took to Twitter to share a Times of India report that claimed that Bengaluru man who flew to UP to meet girl was thrashed and detained by the Uttar Pradesh. The Times of India carried out a report that claimed that a 21-year-old Muslim youth flew down from Bengaluru to Lakhimpur Kheri, Uttar Pradesh to see a Hindu girl he had met online.

Reportedly, the youth was allegedly beaten up by some ‘right-wing’ groups who later handed over the guy to the local police station. The man, who worked as an engineer in Bengaluru allegedly started talking to a teenager girl online since April last year. As it was her birthday, the youth wanted to see her, so he booked a flight, brought gifts – a soft toy, chocolates and sweets and reached Lucknow.

The report claimed that when he got there, the parents of the girl asked him who he was. As he revealed his identity, the neighbours gathered and soon a ‘group of right-wing outfit’ joined, who beat him up and informed the police, the report claimed adding that the groups acted on the apprehension of ‘forced conversion’.

Usual propagandists continue to spread misinformation

The usual fake news peddlers descended on social media platform to peddle misleading information on the incident. Rohini Singh, associated with leftist propaganda website The Wire, took to Twitter to claim that a Muslim man was jailed and beaten as he wanted to wish the girl on her birthday.

Singh, who has a complicated relationship with the facts, insinuated that the youth was beaten up as he was a Muslim youth and went on to deliberately ignore the real facts pertaining to the issue.

Rohini Singh’s tweet

Rana Ayyub, the Islamist troll masquerading as journalist, as usual used the opportunity to spew venom against the country. Sharing misinformation, she claimed that Muslim youth was thrashed and detained by Uttar Pradesh police for meeting a Hindu girl. Shockingly, without any shame, Ayyub called India a ‘shithole’ country.

Rana Ayyub’s tweet

Vidya Krishnan, who claims to be a ‘Health reporter’, also ignored the facts of the case and instead shared a misleading article put up by Times of India, which was devoid of facts in the first place. Vidya then went on to blame Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the alleged incident.

Vidya Krishnan’s tweet

Shehla Rashid, who wants Dalits to give up their reservations for Muslims compared PM Modi to Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

Shehla Rashid endorsing Vidya Krishnan’s misinformatio

However, the claim that the youth was beaten up by the right-wing groups only because he was a Muslim is a blatant lie.

Was the youth detained because of his religion? Fact check

The report by Times of India has left out important facts pertaining to the incident. It seems like Times of India has deliberately chose to ignore certain facts in the case as it fails to mention that the Hindu girl was a minor. The 21-year-old Muslim youth had reportedly lured the minor girl on social media platform and got access to her phone number.

Most importantly, the minor girl did not even recognise the Muslim youth when he visited her house in Uttar Pradesh. The accused did not visit to the residence of minor girl alone, but was accompanied by one of his companions, who fled from the spot after neighbours confronted them.

Contrary to the reports that the youth was in a relationship with the Hindu girl, in reality, the youth had only talked with the girl a few times on social media. However, there was no relationship between the two. The Muslim youth was in an one-sided affair, who mistook their conversations as some kind of relationship and reached Lucknow to meet the minor girl.

Despite the fact that the Muslim youth was chasing a minor Hindu girl and was in a one-sided relationship, the ‘liberal-secular’ intelligentsia and the left-wing trolls on social media continue to spread false propaganda on the issue by claiming that the Uttar Pradesh government was harassing consenting inter-faith couples. However, it is not true.

In their hurry to target the Uttar Pradesh government over the recent law to stop the forced religious conversions, especially the Grooming Jihad cases, the left-liberals have not gone to the extent of supporting the heinous act of paedophilia.

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