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1 week ago

Study: 82% respondents ventilate more frequently to protect themselves from corona – News-Medical.Net

Despite cold temperatures, the population counts on fresh air to avoid contracting the coronavirus. This is shown by the results of the 26th edition of the BfR-Corona-Monitor, a regular survey by the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR). In all age groups, about four out of five respondents say they ventilate more frequently.

For other measures, however, the behavior of the generations differs:

Of those under 40 years of age, 18 percent say they have food delivered more frequently. In the age group 60 years and older, on the other hand, only seven percent make use of such offers.”

Dr. Andreas Hensel, Professor, President, BfR Federal Institute for Risk Assessment

In addition to more frequent ventilation, the respondents try to protect themselves from an infection mainly by wearing masks, keeping distance to other people and washing their hands more frequently. The mandatory use of masks was approved by 93 percent of the respondents, the distance regulation by 96 percent. With the end of the Christmas holidays, the closure of day-care centers and schools is still considered appropriate by 67 percent – this is four percentage points less than in the week before Christmas.

The population is still aware that proximity to others plays a central role in the transmission of the coronavirus. Around three quarters of the respondents still consider the probability of contracting the virus via this pathway to be high. In comparison: Door handles are seen by 47 percent as a likely route of infection. Only 13 percent consider transmission through food to be probable.

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