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Hackers Beware | Economics – Denison University

In particular, Bellini cites her senior thesis and study abroad in Paris. “I was there when the Berlin Wall was coming down, and decided right then to write my thesis on the economic reunification of East and West Germany. All that writing and data analysis is still part of my skill set.”

After graduating with her econ degree and working for a few years, Bellini was ready to take the leap into Columbia’s MBA program. From there she advanced through Lehman Brothers, Citigroup, UBS, and finally to Goldman Sachs, where she achieved partner within a year.

“I plan my career path in five-to-ten-year segments — I learned that in my econ classes,” she says. After 20 years in finance, she expects to spend the next stage of her career in cybersecurity, a mushrooming field with lots of opportunity.

Don’t be afraid of risk

Bellini points to many factors that contribute to her success, but right at the top is her propensity to take calculated risks. In other words, don’t be afraid of change or to start things over from scratch.

“I tell my kids, put yourself in a place where you will have optionality.”

Also, have confidence in yourself, and set up good support systems. This is especially important for women, she says. “Make sure to have a good network in your industry, and good friends who know you well and can tell you when you’re not being true to yourself,” adds Bellini, who keeps in regular touch with many of her Denison friends.

“Still to this day, I can walk down a New York sidewalk and run into Denison friends. My kids are always amazed and ask ‘Now, how did you know them’?” she laughs.

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